"If you think women are crazy you’ve never had a dude go from hitting on you to literally threatening to kill you in the time it takes you to say “no thanks.”"

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Well this is fucking surreal

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Name: Teia

Nickname: Either Tey, or Tey-tey, but my name is already so short people usually just call me Teia

Birthday: January 15 :)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: I don’t really define myself by my sexuality… I just love whomever I love.

Height: 5’5”

Time Zone: Pacific Daylight Time, UTC -7 I believe

What time and date is it there: 10:44am, September 2nd, 2014.

Average hours of sleep I get each night:  Between 7 - 8 is ideal.

Last thing I googled: I accidentally googled youtube lol

Most used phrase(s): "I’m not even surprised", "I cant even"

First word that comes to mind: cows

Last thing I said to a family member: “I can hear a hissing sound in my bathroom, I think a pipe is leaking”

One place that makes me happy and why: Portugal… I miss my family and the lifestyle a lot there. Everything is so laid back. People are much poorer than we are, but seem so much happier.

Favorite beverages: Water & tea (any kind).

Last movie I watched in the cinema: Ghostbusters lol! It’s the 30th anniversary and my theatre was doing a reissue :)

Three things I can’t live without: also my phone, avocados, companion animals.

Something I plan on learning: Primate evolution and behaviour in one of my classes :)

A piece of advice for all my followers: always listen to yourself, do what you want & don’t worry about other people’s opinions/advice (as long as your safe). be happy and don’t be so hard on yourself. xx

You all have to listen to this song: Beggin for Thread by Banks is my jam rn.

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~PB is our king, PB is our king, it never lets the awful in, PB is our king~ (if u sang that tune to Weasley is our King you are my fave)
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Good morning #watermelon breakfast!  Another beautiful day!

I’M SO HAPPYYYYYY. 🙈🙉🙊 A friend of a friend just dropped these over - 🆓⁉️ - and uh ah puhh I feel like jumping! Thank you thank you thank you eternally @veeraoinonen 🍎🍏🍐🍭🍂🍃 There’s literally nothing like fresh, local produce. 🌳🌿 #whatveganseat #plantbased #organic

Raw Vegan Sticky Date Banana Ice Cream


White People: The Middle East is so barbaric. They’ll cut off a person’s hand just for stealing!

White People when an unarmed black kid is murdered by police in America: Yeah, but he shoplifted some cigarillos, so…







Okay, Tumblr, let’s make this go viral. You all know that representation in the media is desperately needed, and this game is delivering what many of the big-name games haven’t. Pumpkin Online is made by a development team headed by an African-American woman and they’re aiming to make this game as inclusive and friendly as possible. This is a farming/romance sim mixed up with an adventure MMORPG and made incredibly diverse.

You want to play a non-binary character? You got it! You want a range of races in your NPC neighbors? Done! Clothing choices and body features not restricted by gender? It’s in there! Relationships in no way affected by gender or lack of gender? Yes, that too!

Let’s get this thing going viral and help promote the Kickstarter (link in the article) so that everyone gets the chance to play the character they want to play. Reblog buttons, do your thing!


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This looks pretty cool:









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"The more you engage in any type of emotion or behavior, the greater your desire for it will become." #crow #nofilter #yoga #armbalance